Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Last Week Of December 2015

After a long takes tremendous effort for me to sit down and blog before ushering into 2016.

After the November Chiang Mai trip, we went to Thistle, Port Dickson for a few days.
Then MIL came and stay with us. Lots of adjustment and getting used to for me and my kids.

Then the dreaded pt3 exam results were announced and both my boy and I were pleasantly surprised with his results. Seeing a big smile on his teacher's face, I then knew it must be ok. So glad that it is done and over with now.

Dec 19th, I volunteer to mend a booth at UM ERASE charity run. My role together with  my new found friends is to introduce the super water IZUMIO to the participants. Basically, we want to create awareness to the public on what IZUMIO can do. This is my 1st experience in participating in a charity run...errr not as a runner though. We gave out free Izumio packs to some lucky participants ....about 70 of them. One of the feedback that I got was...."it is refreshing, better than 100 plus...."

 Next I also visited a childhood friend who is a super host for the first time. She is one capable lady that makes open house to be easy peasy.  Just some of the goodies that she dished out that night.

Extremely tasty barbeque chicken wings with some great wine.
We also had yummy potato salad, salad, beer chicken, and some great wine. I also met another childhood friend that I lost contact when she moved to Australia some 30 years ago. There were also other reunions with my ex-boss. has been so long since I left the workforce.

Went back hometown ( Sitiawan) and bought lots of kompiang for my friends. Since they are taking up space in my refrigerator , I have to quickly disposed them off.   As a result there were more first time for me....driving to two other friend's place by myself. Used to drag hubby along...decided time for me to be independent...after all there is this thing called gps. I often get lost with it but managed to get back on track anyway. Without hubby tagging along, me and my friends can yak till the cows come a bunch of hungry kids and adults!!!!

We also watched STAR WARS at AEON and being a small kampong, the cinema is almost empty. We hardly go for movies and I think up till now ( my older boy is 15), we probably visited the cinema not more than 5 times!!!! For my boys, this is their first STAR WAR series.

I also brought my older kid to a new Chiropractor centre which is near my house and is so delighted to know that I can transfer my boy's case from Subang over. That would have saved so much time and petrol on my end.

And finally, my first time dishing out fish maw because I was given no choice. MIL brought some fish maw and after attempts of asking her how to cook , I decided to google for recipe and am surprised that it turned out so well. There were many ingredients I could not produce but it still taste good.

 That pretty much wrapped up my December activities and now bracing for a new year.

Happy New Year and May 2016 be a better year in all aspects.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chiang Mai (Nov 8 - 12th 2015)

This is my boys' first overseas trip. We did a one day elephant safari and Karen Long Neck village.
I think if you are here you should not miss this tour.  It is truly an experience of a lifetime especially the elephant ride.

It was so scary. The elephants have to climb on the uneven terrains and the path is so narrow. We have to hang on to our dear life. After completing the ride, you will be so glad you went on it. ...amazing experience.

To get to the safari , we need to cross this slightly wobbly bridge.

Elephant ride. May not look scary from the pictures but it is truly scary.

Elephant massaging a sporty audience. She uses her trunk then her foot!!!!

Elephant show : Elephant playing basketball.

Elephant playing harmonica

Elephant dancing to the tune of gangnam style.

The pictures there were painted by the elephants. Selling for 500 baht.

Elephant poo paper making factory .

Ready made paper to be sun dried.

Karen Long Neck of the long neck tribes. The place that they stay is so basic. A school is just an open hall. No fan and they use wood to start fire.

We also visited the orchid and butterfly farm.

There were a few more activities i.e ox-cart riding, bamboo rafting which was quite fun too. More activities during the elephant show is also not depicted here i.e elephant cycling

One thing about doing these activities is , you got to tip the driver/guide/mahmood for each and every activity. Wish they have bundled in together with the cost....cos it can be quite annoying to keep giving tips.

We also visited the famous Sunday Market at Tae Pae Gate which was so big and long. Besides Sunday market we also visited almost every market that was nearby!!!!!!

Food is so so.............though. 

Now back to the grind...................................................................

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Just came back from my Fil's wake and funeral. We thought he was getting better after the treatment in KL. Had a fall and his health deteriorated rapidly. The bright side is fil passed away in his sleep.

It was a truly tiring and stressful 3 days. Thank God my sil had experience and know what arrangements required to be made for the burial ceremony. Hubby and bil was so tired.

I thought my stressful weeks has come to an end but this is the peak. I was and  am so exhausted. I drove back with my son after many years of being chaffeured by hubby. He was home earlier. My shoulders were all aching ......sign of 'lack of exercise'.

Our days will never be the same as we now have mil staying with us. I can only hope for the best.

My mind is so clouded, body is tired,  .....but next week we're off to Chiang mai and when we're back the real challenge starts. May I be recharged after that and not the other way round.

May the next post be a happy post. This is suppose to be a 'relax' blog but my state is entirely the opposite. Just want to get it off my chest. Gosh I don't even know what I've written.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stressful Weeks

Have been staying away from the computer for the past 2 weeks.

Older kid just finished his PT3. Younger one's exam kept postponing due to haze holidays.
Finally , the school asked to go back to sit for exam on Wednesday irregardless of what the government declare.

After 2 days of exam, school kena warning from KPN. back to square one. But then no holiday was declared after that. The biggest headache is the reshuffling of subjects for the exam. Today he has both Science and Sejarah......pengsan. There is so much to cover and all subjective somemore. If it is the older boy, that would not have been a problem as he studies on his own. But my younger was is so lazy...and poor memory which I suspect is the lack of interest because he can remember all the TV ads very well while I who has seen it like forever still can't remember much. Why didn't they just follow the original timetable but move those papers to later days instead of reorganising the whole thing at last minute.

Apart from that, I had my in-laws around. FIL wasn't well . Uurrgh...I always had butterflies in my stomach when they are around.

In the span of 3 weeks, 2 of my relatives passed away.

And another 2 days of stress next week before my boy finishes his exam. No more haze holidays for now ....please. I beh tahan already!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hydrogen Water For Health

Add caption
I went for this talk to learn more about hydrogen water and its benefits since I am consuming hydrogen water everyday. I have to say the English translator really sucks. Hopefully I don't interpret wrongly (don't shoot me) because some of the translation has sentences hanging. The speaker is actually the son of Prof. Shigeo Ohta who pioneer the study of molecular hydrogen and its effectiveness in medicine. He spoke in Japanese.

The hydrogen that we talk about is the same hydrogen that one learnt in school. It is an unstable gas that has no odour, taste nor colour.

The first medical aspect of Hydrogen report was published in 2007 in the Nature Medicine magazine ( apparently a prestigious magazine) which only select about 30 reports in a year. From the year of 2007-2014, a total of 400 of this research reports has since been published with different contents.

Hydrogen Water verses  Conventional Medicine.
Hydrogen  water works in most organs with no side effects whereas conventional medicine works only for a specific organ or sickness. For example , if  you have stomach pain, your stomach medicine only helps your stomach problem. It doesn't heals your headache. With hydrogen water, it heals both the stomach and headache at the same time.

Another example given was : A high blood pressure patient that takes the hb medicine, will have their hb pressure reduced. A normal person that takes the hb pressure medicine, will lower their hb pressure even more. However with hydrogen water, it will only reduce those that have hb pressure, for normal person their bp remains.

Aging and diseases are due to the active oxygen (O2) or also known as free radicals. Active O2 oxidises substance around them ...i.e metal get rusted due to oxidation. 10 years ago, it was discovered that oxidation starts aging and diseases. About 80-90 % of diseases are due to active O2.

Energy comes from the mitochondrial(DNA) which exists in human cell.  Mitochondrial works as a generator. It produces energy for life processes.  Cell that produces new cell needs energy. Everything we do needs energy. Mitochondrial can also fail to discharge energy properly ( i.e discharges outside the cell). O2 + discharge energy is called active oxygen. Active O2  is not good for our body but it is needed for energy.

When we smoke, drink , stressed up, inhale toxic emission, our body produce active oxygen. People looks older than their age due to a lot of stress. There are different kinds of active oxygen. Not all are bad, some are needed and those are the good active oxygen.

Good active oxygen is needed to protect body and boost immune system.  Hydrogen will only react to very strong active O2 ( bad active O2). Bad active O2 has high oxidising power - 100 times stronger than normal active O2. Hydrogen react to bad active O2 and produces water.  Hydrogen will make the mitochondrial(DNA) work properly. Active O2 cause ageing. It oxidised mitochondrial in the cell. 

After the age of 40, our mitochondrial starts to deteriorate. Hydrogen can stop this deterioration.  Hydrogen will not only protect the body from active O2, it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. Latest research shows that Hydrogen produce hormones to protect our nerve system.

Mr Fumiaki showed some examples of how hydrogen water aids healing of wounds due to teeth extraction faster and better compared to normal water. 

Efficient way to consume Izumio.
Since hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe, it can go through most substance like the human body and plastic bottle. So we need to drink quickly.  Although not encouraged, one can still pour the Izumio into a glass of water. Apparently hydrogen will still stay in the water for approximately 3 hours. But most of us 'Kiasu' will try to finish the water in one sitting from the Izumio pack.

Do not boil the hydrogen water , warming is ok.  Best time to drink is when tired or stress. Drink before or after drinking alcohol to feel better. 

How much should I drink?
Drink more if sick. This is when the mitochondrial deteriorate and a lot of active O2 is produced. On normal days drink about 300cc - 500cc. Drink more ( big gulps) at one time so that the hydrogen can go thru all over the body. In other words, don't sip a little at a time.

How to store?
Terbalik. The pack must be stored with the cap down to reduce hydrogen from escaping over time.

There was a survey done in Japan to find out the which aspect of effectiveness is Izumio to male and female. Results showed that most males find that Izumio is most effective for hangover and fatigue. While the females find it best for constipation.

Mr Fumiaki also showed a diagram of all the diseases that has already had clinical trials done on human and also ongoing trials...but too bad, I don't have the diagram.

Before closing, Mr Fumiaki conveyed a message from his dad to us.

"If you don't put a lot of effort in what you do - no results
 If you put too much effort in what you do - you cannot do it for a long time
 If you work too hard, you will produce lots of active O2 - health affected

So continue to drink hydrogen water, then you can work hard and produce results !!!!"

( Those are almost the exact words from the English translator . Too bad I couldn't understand Mandarin, I think that guy is far better . People laugh at his jokes but we have nothing to laugh from the English translation!!!)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Crying Face

When I had my first child, I'll jump to the rescue at the very sound of my baby crying.
Ever ready to soothe, comfort and stopped the crying. So kancheong. First time mom mah.

When the second one came two years later,  I was not so freaky about baby crying anymore home I mean not outside. If I am outside have to be mindful of the people around...can't let baby bawls and distract everyone.

Once we went to Cameron for a holiday, and my younger child slipped and fell at the bee farm. At that time, daddy took our pictures with the crying face and for the first time I felt baby crying face is quite cute afterall.

Nowadays if I see a baby crying, I'll 'enjoy' the facial expressions first. So evil right?
Actually, you know your child would be alright and it is okay for them to need to go and rescue lah immediately especially when one is not in danger.

When I saw this mom posting on her crying child, I can't help finding it so cute actually.
Sorry ya!

So tempted to post some baby crying face...but dare not lest kena saman!

Wait a minute....while searching for some cute baby crying face I stumbled on a very interesting article that I could really relate to..some of them at least .....eerr minus the not-so-polite words!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I hate cooking

I hate cooking. Period.
I have a super duper picky kid. He kills my interest in cooking.

ok...not entirely true. Let's just say I am pretty inefficient in the kitchen. I spend the whole day coming up with only a few dishes. And after  I cook, I feel so tired I don't enjoy my food at all.

And I have to crack my head to think of breakfast, lunch, pack lunch for school, tea time and dinner! Aarrgh....that's why weekends my kitchen is closed for business...most of the time.

Still remember when I first started staying at home, I was so gungho in my cooking. Followed all the recipe book, bought all the ingredients. Soon....everything becames expired. Vegetables withered, onions sprouted, potato turn bitter.....

So now I only buy at most 3 days worth of vegetables.
And today is no different, I don't know what to cook except this 'chap pa lang' dish.

Dig into the fridge, find all the leftovers, dump into spaghetti and fry!

Really admire those who can cook a storm. I have friends like that. They actually like cooking and inviting guest over. I'll be worried sick if I have to do the hosting...ended up buying most of the dishes!!!!

They say, the way to a man's heart is through the stomach.....
Sori...lor lou married the wrong gal!!!!


Today's is the last day of school before the term break. I am already on holiday mood.
So do house chores, so lazy to cook , just want to relaxxxxxx.............

When kids were small we used to go somewhere locally every holiday. When they were in Kindergarten , we used to ponteng during schooldays whenever hubby has a trip. Once started primary school, minimized the pontenging as you know chinese school has no mercy on homework.

Now in secondary school  even harder to ponteng because there is this thing called PBS and if you miss it, you won't get to do the worksheets.

But this holiday we would not be going anywhere overnight. The boys have exams shortly after the break. This is what I hate the most. Why do they have to have exams after break? Why can't have exams first then break!!!!

I really enjoyed the time when they were in pre-school. No stress, can pack and go anytime....ah...the time is too short. Those of you who have kids in preschool, these are your best years. Start formal schooling.....all the stress will visit you!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Haze Has Come For A Visit Again

A yearly affair....not a nice one though. These few days the haze is really bad.

I noticed that my older son who used to scramble for a mask at the slightest presence of haze is not doing it this year. I have to forced him to bring the mask to school but still he doesn't wear it.

Older Son :

Me  : Why are you not wearing your mask?
Boy : It doesn't bother me.
Me  : How come, previously you overdo it even with slight haze.
Boy : Told you it doesn't bother me.

Younger Son :

Me   : Bring the mask to school tomorrow.
Boy : Don't want.
Me  : Why ?
Boy : I don't want to look like a duck wearing those mask.

I can only conclude that the elder boy's immune system is stronger now. Must be the work of Izumio and Super Lutein. I am beginning to like this product more and more.

I also noticed he hasn't come down with his quarterly flu and cough during exams recently. He has been consuming the above 2 products for 3.5 months now.  Keeping fingers crossed.

We used to buy half a dozen bottles of 'African Sea Coconut' cough mixture every year. For a long time now, it has been left untouched.

If you want to know more about Izumio hidrogen water and Super Lutein or how to place an order, feel free  to contact me via
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                    whatsapp  : 012-3022933

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Boys Doing House Chores

Got my boys to help me hang up the clothes as I was rushing to do something else.

Result? Tara.................



Just hang up the whole bag of netting consisting of underpants. How convenient!!!!!

Actually, this is not the first time they help me hang clothes...lazy bums!
This unexpectedly came from my elder child who is much more reliable. Hmm....hopefully not influence by his lazy younger brother. Somehow it is easier for the bad to influence  the good.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My Maiden Bersih 4

I joined a group of 16 others on Saturday ( 29/8) for the Bersih 4 event. My group comprised of all adults and some senior citizens. Hats off to them. Senior citizens put away their worries on "frequent toilet stops", " knee/leg pain" and came for the event.

We left from the BJ LRT station as early as 11 am.  There were already many people there. When the train came, we were all packed like sardines but it was fun. We talked to other strangers who are also first timers.

We alight at Hang Tuah station and walk a few km down to the Methodist Church. Since we were early, we dropped by a cafe. Everywhere we turn, there are "yellow people". As time passed, more and moe yellow people appeared. Met some church friends.

As the prayer group did not materialised , we walk further to Menara Maybank. Yellow people were everywhere. Every food stalls were filled. Mc Donalds near Kota Raya have to closed by 2pm+ due to shortage of stocks!!!. We were given free mineral water both outside and also the beef noodle stall. ....Apparently their boss sponsored.

It was a carnival like atmosphere. As time passed by, many groups marched past with funny placards and chanting "Bersih". More and more yellow people filled the road till there were no more 'parking' space. It was truly a sight to behold. I cannot described the feeling of togetherness. People were so friendly. We looked out for each other. We display utmost patience as everyone trying to take pictures everywhere.

We moved to Dataran Merdeka but by now the road was so full that we could hardly get near. We hanged around for a little while longer before making the move to board the train home.

It was an experience of a lifetime. Would I go for future Bersih? Definitely if the things we were fighting for is for our country. I deeply regretted that I couldn't make it to the second night but I thank God for the peaceful assembly. It was truly encouranging to see people from all walks of life , with one mission took to the streets on a hot day. Much more encouraging are the faces of young people, the future generation of this country standing up and be counted.

Many think this is a waste of time. Life goes back to normal. But I begged to differ. This is the process we need to go through before the real breakthrough. I really thank the participants of previous rallies for setting the precendence, for without them, there will not be Bersih 4 and without Bersih 4, our success of reaching our goal will be much more harder and further.

God Bless Malaysia!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jom Bersih

Image result for bersih 4.0

I have been asking friends if they are going for Bersih. Some with absolute yes, some wants to go but scared, some outright NO.

I am never into politics till lately. Due to the cyber media, I am now more informed of the situation in our country. I can choose to ignore and let others fight for us. Life goes on, after all I am doing OK. But Bersih 4.0 for a layman like me is not about politics, it's about our right as citizens of this country demanding for a righteous and just government.

The conviction in me is so strong this time ( I am surprised by this myself). I see youngsters standing up and be counted. I see youngsters believing there is still hope for this Country.

This new generation of youngsters have substance. They have compassion, they have vision. They will lead the next generation.

I see the opposition parties, the NGOs, the student groups fighting for us. They get sued, they get then can I close one eye. Cut the crap of "I'll pray for you" . This is the time for action. I may not be articulate, in fact I am a chicken at heart. Scared of everything including seeing 'teachers'.  But the least I could do is to show my support for the coming rally. I am not sure if the outcome would be fruitful but I want to let the people that have fight so hard for 'justice and fairness' in this country know that they are appreciated. They are not alone. They are aligned with all the other rakyat Malaysia wanting a clean government. This country does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people and each and everyone of us have a moral obligation to stand up for truths, to speak against corruption and injustice that is befalling this country.

Yet again, this is my opinion, my personal conviction. We may go to the rally for different doesn't matter.

Members of the church have been praying for weeks, months and years now that God will expose 'corruption' and that 'justice' will come upon this Land whom the LORD loves.
But when corruption is exposed, what do we do? We say " die, no more hope, country going to the dogs, better migrate etc". If God would hear our prayers will He not also help us out? Will he reject us, and leave us in the lurch? As long as we are willing to humble and pray , our cries will reach Him and His Unfailing love for each and every of His creation will rescue us.

Quoting Ambiga "  We have to fix this nation for the next generation . We cannot hand them a broken nation.”

There is hope as long as our hope is in God and only God can do the job of fixing. We are merely crying out to Him in the streets.

Bersih 4.0 - Should Or Should Not Go?

Someone wrote this I think after the last General Election. Thought it was well worth sharing...

Today, Malaysia woke up and many hearts were broken.
We mourn our nation not because we lost, but because we were cheated.
We lost not to a better party, but we lost to injustice.
We lost not to a better system, but we lost to the lack of integrity.
We lost not to a better count, but we lost to the failure in upholding civil rights.
We lost not to a better leader, but we lost to corruption.
We lost not to a better policy, but we lost to deceit.

But we will, and must not, lose heart.
We may feel sad, but we must not give way to despair.
We may feel angry, but we must not lose our righteous ways.
We may feel cheated, but we must fight on.
We may feel like leaving, but we must stay together.
We may feel like giving up, but we must now let the dream carry us.
We may feel like nothing will change, but we must now become that change.
We will rally.
We will fight on.
We will not give up.
We will become a Better Malaysia.

Well, if you are still not moved to join , how about this

Or this..... .taken from Rajiv Visyakaran's facebook page. I have the exact same sentiments.

Someone asked me, "Are you not afraid of rioting that will be incited by anti-Bersih components? Are you not afraid of being arrested? Are you not afraid of being beaten or killed?"
My answer is "Of course."
But for how long?
For another generation?
Until our children? until our children's children?
The faster we come out of this fear the faster this tyranny will end.
I am going to Bersih 4 not because I am not afraid. It is because I am afraid.
I am afraid if we don't do anything about it, the casualty will be visited on our next generation.
I am afraid if we don't go we will become a bankrupt nation.
I am afraid if we do not go we will no longer become a democratic nation.
I am afraid if we do not go I cannot live with my conscience.
I am afraid if we do not go we cannot longer hold our head high and say we are citizens of this nation.
I am but one. You are but many. Will you walk beside me?

Finally  "Bersih 4 has only 4 demands:
1) fair election
2) clean government
3) saving Malaysia's economy &
4) right to dissent.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Izumio ‐Best selling hydrogenated water in Japan

In case you are wondering what is so great about Izumio hidrogen water. We heard so much of alkaline and RO is still different? Let this video educate you on what is Izumio hidrogen water.

After consuming this product with little expectation ( I have to add I also take Super Lutein) , I am in for some surprises.
I don't get ulcers after biting my lips and tongue anymore.
I don't get headache after sleeping late ( something that ALWAYS happens)
I don't drink so much coffee ( used to be 4 cups per day) because I now crave for water
I don't have constipation anymore.
I hardly have migraine and if it happens it is mild...can ignore and it will go away after sometime ( after drinking Izumio)
I have deep sleep ( this is contributed by Super Lutein I believe)
My teeth is no longer sensitive. I can chew with both sides of my molars which I have to alternate previously.

All this in the span of 1-2 months.

If you want to know more about Izumio hidrogen water or how to place an order, feel free  to contact me via
  •                 Email :
                    whatsapp  : 012-3022933

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Update on Prostrate Cancer

Was so happy after calling home  to know that my dad's blood results is good.
His prostrate cancer marker ( PSA) has came down from 12.5 to 3.4 in 3 months. That is considered normal for a man of his age. His other results are also very good. Blood pressure and cholestrol is slightly on the higher side but according to the doctor for a man of his age that is considered very good already.

I was too afraid to call him yesterday although I believe the results will be good because he has been quite energetic lately. He does a lot of things now...complains still a little tired. I told him he had been so tired for a long time that he probably doesn't know what is normal tiredness. Even myself, I feel tired everyday.

His earlier story is here.

He is still on Izumio and Super Lutein which he now admits is a very good product. In fact he said he is addicted to them! haha. But due to the high cost, he has cut down his dosage from two times to once. I advised him to go back to two at least until the end of the month which is officially 4 months of consumption.

So happy....I feel like doing the chicken if I know.
Thank you God for unfailing love. Our whole family depends on You and You alone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Boy And I

My two boys - they are very different with each other. I want to talk about my younger son. Except for the fact that he looks more like me, he's everything that I am not or should I say I am everything that he is not? Gosh...I am getting myself confused.

My younger boy is very 'tidak apa' kind in other words irresponsible. He always lose things and also forgets where he puts them. I hardly lose anything. Till date, he has lost a handphone which he brought to his badminton competition. He has also lost his T-shirt, school tie, containers and pencil case!!!!!

He is messy. His bag is messy. His room is messy. He has to be reminded to wash his dishes, throw his dirty clothes to the pail in the washarea. I gave him a folder where he is suppose to put all his lose papers ( i.e circular/notices/notes from school) , but he will simply chucked into any corner of his bag. His bag is messy the whole year round! No  amount of nagging works!

I on the hand is neat. I kept my things in a fixed place. I filed out my papers and organized them in proper files. My books are neatly arranged on shelf. My boy will just take a book and doesn't put them back UNTIL I tell him to!!!!

My boys is an extrovert while I am introvert. He likes to take part in competitions. He likes to be on stage while I'll turn the other way round. He used to take part in storytelling in English, BM , Chinese so that he can skip class. Till today he is still the same, take part in events so that he can skip class.

He is quite an outdoor guy. I am indoor kind. He loves football, plays badminton, likes cross country.....anything but study.

He has fair and good skin. Mine plague with pimple problems almost all my life.

He is super picky....I am not although not that adventures with food. He eat the same few food over and over again. I get bored with the same food very fast.

He is a natural joker. He can do things last minute. I can't. I will panic and malfunction. That is why I always plan ahead and give lots of leeway whenever I have to do something.

He is scared to be alone at home....scared of ghost!! But give him a gadget then everything will be ok!  I was never really scared to be alone or going out late at night ( cos I was too naive). Of course now with the crime rates...I'm scared too ...not of ghostlah.

Hmmmm......I am trying to find our common ground. At this moment , my mind has gone outer space.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Bookmark

My boy wanted me to dish up a bookmark at the very last minute for his senior's birthday.
They have recently worked together as emcees and he really looked up to his senior as a role model. I find her a really good wonder she was 'democratically voted' as a school captain.

With only about an hour to do this, I am actually quite please with the end product ( syiok sendiri).

 But what is most important is that the recipient likes it and not put it aside to lay eggs!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

His Dream City

My older boy has an American Dream. He wants to go there one day to work and to stay. He is just so obsessed with NY.

One fine day, when he brother is away.  Boredom sets in. He took a drawing paper and started drawing for hours. blur.
Then he told me he wanted to paint the picture. I said'll spoil it with paint. Use oil pastel, colour pencil, crayon, magic ink......but not water colour. The figures are so tiny , how to paint????

He ignored his silly mom. And did what he wanted. Tara............

I have to say I admire his patience. I can't do this for sure.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Handmade Bookmark

It has been a long time since I was able to make any jewellery or bookmark. I miss my hobby but just do not have time to resume.....without a maid.

The last bookmark which I quickly churned for a friend because I've no idea what to give her when she invited me and some old schoolmates for dinner. Gifts has always been a headache for me. As for myself , if I invite anyone , I don't expect gifts else I have to worry what to give in return. The same as giving somebody something, I've totally no expectation of returns and I like it that way. Just be a graceful receiver and a graceful giver.

This friend of mine, she is far more affluent than me. There is nothing I can buy which she cannot afford. So besides bringing some rocher chocs for her kids , I added this little bookmark.

I remember making a quite a number for my kids' teachers and friends when I was more hardworking and they loved them ( the friends I mean)...not sure about the teachers though. Some even reminded my kid to ask me to make them a bookmark for their birthday....Well....Ask and It Shall Be Given.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding in kids, bruxism
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If you have been following this blog, you would know that my older kid has lots of health problems....big and small.

One of the nagging issue that would occassionally stress me up is his tooth grinding also known as bruxism. Almost every night , the sound from his teeth gnashing at each other for a few minutes can be really alarming. For kids, this is a normal but for a teenager who is 15 by now, this can be quite worrying.

The dentist couldn't do anything besides suggesting mouth guard when he is older and also to keep stress at bay. Eh howlah to keep stress at bay? He grinds his teeth whether stressful or not.

Sometimes I forget about his problem because he no longers sleeps in the same room as us. But whenever we go back to our hometown, we put up in a big room in my parents' home. Then I would be reminded of his teeth grinding problem.

But recently I realised when I go to his room early in the morning to off his air-cond ( because I am a cheapscate) , I don't hear him grinding teeth anymore.  Just last week when we 'balik kampong' , for the 1st night, I realised he didn't grind his teeth at all. How do I know? I am a light sleeper.

The next night I heard him grind like 3 goes 'krak, krak, krak'. Then it stopped. Previously it would have been something like this "krak krak krak krak.." repeated multiple times so much so that I have to wake him up to stop him from grinding. I was advised my by dentist friend to change his sleeping position but that didn't helped. I strongly believed he is beginning to outgrow this problem. PTL.

At the same time, I am also wondering  whether the Izumio and Super Lutein is responsible. It can't be so many "coindences" ever since he started this product.  Still I just want to thank the Lord....too many issues here and there and I am ever so grateful to be able to strike off one item of my worry list!

Nowadays, it is hard to catch him grinding his teeth. Those days it was hard to catch him NOT grinding his teeth.

The Bread Story

Last night was our ( me and hubby) duty to collect bread from a bakery in Taman Danau Desa to be delivered to the Myammar Kids in Cheras. Thank God for generous businessman who week after week provided us with free bread in abundance so that the kids can have bread the next morning.

We are asked to be there earlier than usual. The bread was passed to us earlier than usual which pleased me because sometimes we have to wait for half and hour for them to pack , sign and transport to our car ( this we do ourselves). However, when I look at the number of bags of bread we had last heart dropped. Only 4 bags from the usual 7-8 bags. Maybe because it is due to the long Raya holidays so the bakery did not produce much.

Still , I am thankful there is bread for the children.....hopefully just enough for the 150 children hosted by a Church. Bless the pastors and workers there.

If we look around , there is so much we can do in a small way. There are so many needy people around us, even if we can just give them a moment of good memory to cherish, it may change their lives.

Ps 143 : 10
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your gracious Spirit lead me forward on a firm footing.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Home Made French Fries

My picky son loves French Fries. He's always pestering me to get the fries from McDonald's.

So I decided to make my own. I googled for some videos and finally decided on one. Bless the internet.....Certainly not as good as McDonald's but probably healthier....actually not much healthier with all those oils yeuwks! McDonald's fries has some corn syrup coated on them.  Mine is just potato, salt and oil.

Looks dry right? But it is crunchy outside and soft inside. When my boy invited a dozen of his friends over the last time, they grabbed the fries as if they have not eaten for days. All kids like fries...but not my elder son. I think I need a reduce the consumption of oil.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

RM20 Coat?

My boy is having a concert after the Raya holidays. He has 2 roles in this concert. One is being the 'narrator' for his class's sketch and another being one of the MCs.

So his teacher asked him to wear a coat. Coat? Wah...I don't want to make him a coat just for this. So he told his teacher...Coat is expensive. His teacher told him...not expensive, can get one for RM20.

RM20???? Where? Tell me? He is just 13..and I don't want to rent one for like hundred over bucks just for 2 nights.

I have working coat...loads of them but style perempuanlah!!! He is literally swimming in his dad's coat!

Anyone know where I can get a RM20 coat for a petite teenager, let me know ya! his teacher said, go look at MidValley and Times Square. You tell me, places like this can find RM20 coat meh??????

Maybe some second hand shop. OK...I go google now.

Update : I managed to get something for my kid after all. All thanks to my friend. Well, not RM20 but RM33.90 (coat + pants) ! Still way below my budget.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Izumio, Super Lutein really work?

My 2 boys have been taking the above products for general maintenance. Actually, I was hoping their eyesight would improve.

During the first few days, my elder son's palm became very sweaty. Now he always had sweaty palm , although not so bad as those that I read in news, but still not like normal people. Sometimes I am scared to hold his hand because the sweat is so 'geli'. It happens on and off. So I was so surprised when the day was not even hot, suddenly he was sweating so much on his palm ( unusual amount compared to his usual sweaty palm). My this son has lots of health issues from young that some of this issues are overshadowed by the big ones . Is this detox? I  sure hope so.  Well the sweaty palm still happens but less frequent but that 'huge amount of sweat' was an isolated case. Just 2 days ago, his palm was sweaty again, he said it was a hot day. Told him to take a pack of Izumio and after that I checked with him , he said he is not sweating anymore. Sure hope something is working in him.

Other than that...pimples!!! know the teenage pimples years? It was coming out , going away, coming out, going away a never ending cycle. Took him to sinseh, after 1 month I stopped cos not only is it not getting better , I just didn't like him drinking the awful liquids with so many tablets. Afterall he hated the liquid.

Now he pimples seems to be getting better. There is still pimple near his eyes to forehead and a few at cheeks. Previously almost the whole cheek is 'peppered with pimples'...almost have no more parking space. Really hope this is for good and not another round God Knows What. Good thing SL capsules has no ordour and easy to swallow. He doesn't mind at all.

He also went for a scan for his spine ( scoliosis) and that day after taking Izumio, he has 4 bowel movements after the X-Ray. So geng meh?  That was the only time it happened. Now if only this product help straighten his spine, I will let the whole world know. You will never understand the anguish of a mom who has a child with spine problem.  So much of $$$$ flowing out of our pockets and yet not having any definite answer to the problem.

Other than that, he doesn't go to the doctors for years now.  However he is very prone to cough.  If the cough/bug flu is around, he will be the first one to catch it. But we don't see doctor's for this cos his dad can take care of this issue.

So far...haven't caught the bug flu yet! (9 weeks of I IZ and 3 SL daily)

As for my younger kid, he is basically very healthy despite being very really picky. Can't eat pau, pizza, lor mai kai, corn, green peas, siu mai and everythinglah.
Just like his brother, he is also four-eyed. Really broke my heart .. this one, cos he is a sportsman.  Used to represent school for badminton and also active on sports day for treks i.e cross country, relay. Loves football specky inconvenient.

He had however one tiny issue. He used to get redness near the ends of his mouth corners. Almost like lack of nutrients. Happens almost every other week. So far, I haven't seen it  till now.
 ( 9 weeks of 1/2 IZ, and 3 SL).

And he really loves the IZ, but poor thing due to cost have to share with his mom -1/2 packet!!!

Really work meh, this product? Well, the observation seems encouraging but need more time to tell.But this product definetely worked for my dad. It works for me too.

If you want to know more about these products or how to place an order, feel free  to contact me via

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Parents Teachers Conference

Last Saturday, I went to my younger boy's PTA. Reached about 8:15 am (they start at 8 am), took a number and my eyes almost popped out ....No 16!

Hubby decided to wait in the car as parking was scarce. Told him to go back first as it may take a while. Still ....he didn't listen.

Anyway, I went to the auditorium and saw about 4 parents waiting there. I was so pleased , thought this should be a breeze. Most likely the other parents have gone down to the cafeteria. 

There was a parent in session which the teacher. I saw the teacher blah blah blah, then the parent blah blah blah and they took turns like forever. Finally it ended, then the next parent and the same thing happened again. So much to talk meh???

Suddenly another two parents came and join the queue. Okayyyyyy....they must have taken the number earlier, enjoyed their breakfast at cafeteria, calculate the perfect timing. So each time when one or two parents left another few would turn up. harapan to cut short my trip lah!!

After waiting for freaking 1.5 hours, it was finally my turn, the teacher blah blah blah, I blah blah blah, the teacher blah blah blah...then ok ...signed....kau tim!!!! Wah how come the teacher has nothing to say to me wor....Anyway, she was pleased with my boy both in academic and character but I was not. My boy's mark was short change by 7 marks. Normally, I won't quite bother but the last time he was short changed by 3 marks, I just close one exam 10 marks meh?????. I was not happy not because so much about marks but how come these things also can't do right ? Not like they have lots of students. This is private school okay? I never had this problem with my elder son in not so famous SMK school. Anyway, life goes on and I told my boy to go speak to his teacher about this. I am not asking for marks but please be fairlah...give him what's due to him at least in the near future. Of course once they 'locked' the results , it can't be changed. Just want the teacher to be aware, don't do this too often.

After leaving the audi, found out that hubby who was still waiting in the car couldn't get out because 2 other cars blocked our way. Told him not to wait now  see what happens when he doesn't listen to his wife??

Went to see the guard, make annoucement, waited for 15 minutes no soul in sight. Really tak boleh tahan edi, told my hubby to take the train home first as my elder son has class in an hour's time and who knows how long we are going to be stuck there!

Waited for another 5 minutes, still no bayang, went to complain to a different guard now. He came saw the car and said , the car belong to the other building, not student's parents. He called the building manager ( who have seen the car earlier) and told him , it's his people lah! Finally, another 10 minutes then the driver came. Aiyo, why can't they put their contact there since they are blocking people's car? We always have a big paper printout in our car in case we inevitably need to block other people's car especially when parking space are scarce. So far never used it yet...but people pleaselah be responsible.

That leads me to another irritating habit that often drives me crazy. Haphazard parking! Parking at junction and block other driver's view.  Parking at double lot...oh gosh can afford to buy nice modern sophisticated luxury car but don't know how to park properly ?  Parking right in the middle of the road when other cars are queuing behing expecting us to wait not 1 or 2 minutes but 5???? No sense of responsibility...mother never teach meh!!!!

Okay....don't know why I am in so bad mood today.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Izumio Hidrogen Water

What is hydrogenized water?
Hydrogenized water refers to water which is rich in hydrogen.

IZUMIO contains not only a high concentration of dissolved hydrogen, but also minerals.
With IZUMIO Hydrogenized Drinking Water, taking hydrogen into our bodies has never been easier.
Hydrogen has a simple atomic structure consisting of one proton and one electron, and is the smallest element in the universe

Hydrogen is the world’s oldest and most efficient antioxidant - See the work of Dr. Patrick Flanagan and read the study showing hydrogen as an antioxidant.

Hydrogen stops the oxidative chain reaction sequence. It reduces oxidation which leads to aging and disease.  The hydrogen eliminates almost 75% active oxygen in our body which is the key factor towards aging, it is able to neutralize our body acidity and produces hydrogen that acts as a powerful antioxidant. Besides, it changes the water structure for optimum absorption and mineralized water for delivery of vital nutrients. 

IZUMIO - Antioxidant Hydrogen Water

Izumio contains the highest dissolved hydrogen concentration using water which is the major content of human body to transport large volume of Active Hydrogen to reach every cell to remove Free Radical. Hydrogen molecules, the smallest atom in the world, can penetrate into all narrow corners in the body. Its swiftness & effectiveness are unbeatable among the general anti-oxidant supplements or supplement water in the market. Active hydrogen is able to prevent proliferation of cancerous cell and cause the death of cancerous cells. Izumio is a health supplement water which can be taken by anyone, mixed with anything and be taken at anytime. 

How did Izumio come about?

  Source :

Miracle water found in these 4 specific locations - Lourdes in France, Tlacote in Mexico, 
Nodenau in Germany and Hunzas In Northern Pakistan described as being able to cure hundreds of diseases and has attracted millions of drinkers. Tlacote, Mexico, is visited by more than 10,000 people daily. 

Wayne Peterson of Washington DC reported that his father had been diagnosed with intestinal cancer, which had eaten holes through his intestines. His father took some of the water from the Tlacote well for several days. A visit to a new group of doctors only days later showed there was no evidence of cancer and all body functions appeared to be normal.  The word has spread, and since May 1991, millions of people have been to Tlacote and millions more have drunk the water, seeking help for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, AIDS, obesity and high cholesterol. After the miraculous healing well was discovered in Mexico, two more sources of healing water have been found. One is in Germany, 100 km east of Dusseldorf, the other is in the village of Nadana, 150 km north of Delhi, in India.

In year 2002, a reporter from Japan TBS TV Network, for the Japanese Documentary program, USO, managed to bring some of the "miracle" water back to Japan, to be analyzed in Kyushu University, Prof. Shirahata's Research Laboratory. The final results concluded that the Lourdes "Miracle Water", contained high concentration of "Hydrogen Molecules"

Benefits of IZUMIO 

  • Builds younger looking skin
  • Detoxifies your entire body
  • Delay aging and restore youthfulness
  • Helps heal ulcers and sores
  • Provides stronger & thicker hair 
  • Aids in reducing blood pressure 
  • Slows free radical body damage
  • Aids in lowering cholesterol levels 
  • Helps the body flush heavy metals
  • Aids in absorption of supplements
  • Aids in increasing blood circulation
  • Aids in lowering saturated fat levels
  • Stabilizes health & supports healing
  • Speedy recovery from body fatique 
  • Speedy recovery from diseases 
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation 
  • Aids in reducing cellulite and wrinkles
  • Improves memory in aged individuals
  • Enhance brain power as well as immunity
  • Hydrates you six times more than ordinary water
  • Supports proper pH by reducing acidic conditions
  • Improvement of chronic constipation & diarrhea
  • Improvement of blood glucose & hbalc levels in diabetes mellitus       
If you want to know more about Izumio hidrogen water, feel free  to contact me via
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