Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jom Bersih

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I have been asking friends if they are going for Bersih. Some with absolute yes, some wants to go but scared, some outright NO.

I am never into politics till lately. Due to the cyber media, I am now more informed of the situation in our country. I can choose to ignore and let others fight for us. Life goes on, after all I am doing OK. But Bersih 4.0 for a layman like me is not about politics, it's about our right as citizens of this country demanding for a righteous and just government.

The conviction in me is so strong this time ( I am surprised by this myself). I see youngsters standing up and be counted. I see youngsters believing there is still hope for this Country.

This new generation of youngsters have substance. They have compassion, they have vision. They will lead the next generation.

I see the opposition parties, the NGOs, the student groups fighting for us. They get sued, they get then can I close one eye. Cut the crap of "I'll pray for you" . This is the time for action. I may not be articulate, in fact I am a chicken at heart. Scared of everything including seeing 'teachers'.  But the least I could do is to show my support for the coming rally. I am not sure if the outcome would be fruitful but I want to let the people that have fight so hard for 'justice and fairness' in this country know that they are appreciated. They are not alone. They are aligned with all the other rakyat Malaysia wanting a clean government. This country does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people and each and everyone of us have a moral obligation to stand up for truths, to speak against corruption and injustice that is befalling this country.

Yet again, this is my opinion, my personal conviction. We may go to the rally for different doesn't matter.

Members of the church have been praying for weeks, months and years now that God will expose 'corruption' and that 'justice' will come upon this Land whom the LORD loves.
But when corruption is exposed, what do we do? We say " die, no more hope, country going to the dogs, better migrate etc". If God would hear our prayers will He not also help us out? Will he reject us, and leave us in the lurch? As long as we are willing to humble and pray , our cries will reach Him and His Unfailing love for each and every of His creation will rescue us.

Quoting Ambiga "  We have to fix this nation for the next generation . We cannot hand them a broken nation.”

There is hope as long as our hope is in God and only God can do the job of fixing. We are merely crying out to Him in the streets.

Bersih 4.0 - Should Or Should Not Go?

Someone wrote this I think after the last General Election. Thought it was well worth sharing...

Today, Malaysia woke up and many hearts were broken.
We mourn our nation not because we lost, but because we were cheated.
We lost not to a better party, but we lost to injustice.
We lost not to a better system, but we lost to the lack of integrity.
We lost not to a better count, but we lost to the failure in upholding civil rights.
We lost not to a better leader, but we lost to corruption.
We lost not to a better policy, but we lost to deceit.

But we will, and must not, lose heart.
We may feel sad, but we must not give way to despair.
We may feel angry, but we must not lose our righteous ways.
We may feel cheated, but we must fight on.
We may feel like leaving, but we must stay together.
We may feel like giving up, but we must now let the dream carry us.
We may feel like nothing will change, but we must now become that change.
We will rally.
We will fight on.
We will not give up.
We will become a Better Malaysia.

Well, if you are still not moved to join , how about this

Or this..... .taken from Rajiv Visyakaran's facebook page. I have the exact same sentiments.

Someone asked me, "Are you not afraid of rioting that will be incited by anti-Bersih components? Are you not afraid of being arrested? Are you not afraid of being beaten or killed?"
My answer is "Of course."
But for how long?
For another generation?
Until our children? until our children's children?
The faster we come out of this fear the faster this tyranny will end.
I am going to Bersih 4 not because I am not afraid. It is because I am afraid.
I am afraid if we don't do anything about it, the casualty will be visited on our next generation.
I am afraid if we don't go we will become a bankrupt nation.
I am afraid if we do not go we will no longer become a democratic nation.
I am afraid if we do not go I cannot live with my conscience.
I am afraid if we do not go we cannot longer hold our head high and say we are citizens of this nation.
I am but one. You are but many. Will you walk beside me?

Finally  "Bersih 4 has only 4 demands:
1) fair election
2) clean government
3) saving Malaysia's economy &
4) right to dissent.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Izumio ‐Best selling hydrogenated water in Japan

In case you are wondering what is so great about Izumio hidrogen water. We heard so much of alkaline and RO is still different? Let this video educate you on what is Izumio hidrogen water.

After consuming this product with little expectation ( I have to add I also take Super Lutein) , I am in for some surprises.
I don't get ulcers after biting my lips and tongue anymore.
I don't get headache after sleeping late ( something that ALWAYS happens)
I don't drink so much coffee ( used to be 4 cups per day) because I now crave for water
I don't have constipation anymore.
I hardly have migraine and if it happens it is mild...can ignore and it will go away after sometime ( after drinking Izumio)
I have deep sleep ( this is contributed by Super Lutein I believe)
My teeth is no longer sensitive. I can chew with both sides of my molars which I have to alternate previously.

All this in the span of 1-2 months.

If you want to know more about Izumio hidrogen water or how to place an order, feel free  to contact me via
  •                 Email :
                    whatsapp  : 012-3022933

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Update on Prostrate Cancer

Was so happy after calling home  to know that my dad's blood results is good.
His prostrate cancer marker ( PSA) has came down from 12.5 to 3.4 in 3 months. That is considered normal for a man of his age. His other results are also very good. Blood pressure and cholestrol is slightly on the higher side but according to the doctor for a man of his age that is considered very good already.

I was too afraid to call him yesterday although I believe the results will be good because he has been quite energetic lately. He does a lot of things now...complains still a little tired. I told him he had been so tired for a long time that he probably doesn't know what is normal tiredness. Even myself, I feel tired everyday.

His earlier story is here.

He is still on Izumio and Super Lutein which he now admits is a very good product. In fact he said he is addicted to them! haha. But due to the high cost, he has cut down his dosage from two times to once. I advised him to go back to two at least until the end of the month which is officially 4 months of consumption.

So happy....I feel like doing the chicken if I know.
Thank you God for unfailing love. Our whole family depends on You and You alone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Boy And I

My two boys - they are very different with each other. I want to talk about my younger son. Except for the fact that he looks more like me, he's everything that I am not or should I say I am everything that he is not? Gosh...I am getting myself confused.

My younger boy is very 'tidak apa' kind in other words irresponsible. He always lose things and also forgets where he puts them. I hardly lose anything. Till date, he has lost a handphone which he brought to his badminton competition. He has also lost his T-shirt, school tie, containers and pencil case!!!!!

He is messy. His bag is messy. His room is messy. He has to be reminded to wash his dishes, throw his dirty clothes to the pail in the washarea. I gave him a folder where he is suppose to put all his lose papers ( i.e circular/notices/notes from school) , but he will simply chucked into any corner of his bag. His bag is messy the whole year round! No  amount of nagging works!

I on the hand is neat. I kept my things in a fixed place. I filed out my papers and organized them in proper files. My books are neatly arranged on shelf. My boy will just take a book and doesn't put them back UNTIL I tell him to!!!!

My boys is an extrovert while I am introvert. He likes to take part in competitions. He likes to be on stage while I'll turn the other way round. He used to take part in storytelling in English, BM , Chinese so that he can skip class. Till today he is still the same, take part in events so that he can skip class.

He is quite an outdoor guy. I am indoor kind. He loves football, plays badminton, likes cross country.....anything but study.

He has fair and good skin. Mine plague with pimple problems almost all my life.

He is super picky....I am not although not that adventures with food. He eat the same few food over and over again. I get bored with the same food very fast.

He is a natural joker. He can do things last minute. I can't. I will panic and malfunction. That is why I always plan ahead and give lots of leeway whenever I have to do something.

He is scared to be alone at home....scared of ghost!! But give him a gadget then everything will be ok!  I was never really scared to be alone or going out late at night ( cos I was too naive). Of course now with the crime rates...I'm scared too ...not of ghostlah.

Hmmmm......I am trying to find our common ground. At this moment , my mind has gone outer space.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Bookmark

My boy wanted me to dish up a bookmark at the very last minute for his senior's birthday.
They have recently worked together as emcees and he really looked up to his senior as a role model. I find her a really good wonder she was 'democratically voted' as a school captain.

With only about an hour to do this, I am actually quite please with the end product ( syiok sendiri).

 But what is most important is that the recipient likes it and not put it aside to lay eggs!