Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Happy Teacher's Day

Every year , I used to give red coloured pen to the boys' teachers. Then recently I made metal bookmarks for them.

Now when my son wants to give teacher's day gift up to a dozen of them, I really have no 'steam' to make the bookmarks.

So this year, the teachers had this.

Handmade Soap by a friend. The soap smells so good that one would be mistaken that it is edible.
The different flavours of soap in this soap set are : Lemon, Coffee Tangerine, Lavender, Peppermint.

Before I receive this loot, I told my boy that if any of his teachers is absent, pass the gift to his previous years teachers.

After I receive the loot, I told my boy that if any of his teachers is absent, bring the gift back for me!!!!

Obviously my son doesn't agree. Hmmm....he loves his teachers more than he loves me.

The younger one would only give to his class teacher because they actually pooled their funds to get gifts for all their teachers already.

I hope the teachers like the gift....something different from the norm.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

OKU Parking Lot

If you ever see someone(able-bodied) parking at the OKU parking lot, would you go and tell the person off? Or maybe not so rude but would you go and kindly asked the person to park elsewhere?

Today, I saw a lady parking at the OKU lot to go to the nearby market and I was in dilemma whether to tell her or not. In the end , I didn't. Should I? There were other parking lot not too far off though.

What if there is no other parking lot available and you really need to park there? Would you park there and leave your contact for whoever concern to notify you if they needed the lot? I am not sure either. I probably won't do it but in case of emergency.....I may kua....

After that as I was driving back, I saw another lady doing reverse parking when the parking lot has an wooden crate ( those that used to store oranges) left in the middle of the lot. She just reverse into the parking lot dragging the crate along???? I guess the shopowner probably left the crate there to 'chop' the parking.

Aaaarghhh..........probably she is not fully awake.

Monday, May 16, 2016


I have a garlic fan at home - my older boy. Actually, I like putting lots of garlic in my cooking too.
Nowadays my boy would ask for a clove of finely chopped garlic to be mixed into his white rice.

This morning I went to the market to buy just 3 heads of garlic.  When I do marketing, I seldom asked for the price before hand. I just pay although sometimes the prices caught me by surprise.

So I went and choose this not very nice garlic but since I am out of it, just getlah.

Guess how much?  I dropped my jaw and thought I heard wrongly. I always thought garlic and onions are quite cheap.

Well, that cost me RM3.80.  I was expecting RM1.80 or something like that. Since I used to buy with other stuffs like shallots, ginger, I always have the impressio that it is quite ok ok lah.

I better don't go on garlic spree after this.