Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chiang Mai (Nov 8 - 12th 2015)

This is my boys' first overseas trip. We did a one day elephant safari and Karen Long Neck village.
I think if you are here you should not miss this tour.  It is truly an experience of a lifetime especially the elephant ride.

It was so scary. The elephants have to climb on the uneven terrains and the path is so narrow. We have to hang on to our dear life. After completing the ride, you will be so glad you went on it. ...amazing experience.

To get to the safari , we need to cross this slightly wobbly bridge.

Elephant ride. May not look scary from the pictures but it is truly scary.

Elephant massaging a sporty audience. She uses her trunk then her foot!!!!

Elephant show : Elephant playing basketball.

Elephant playing harmonica

Elephant dancing to the tune of gangnam style.

The pictures there were painted by the elephants. Selling for 500 baht.

Elephant poo paper making factory .

Ready made paper to be sun dried.

Karen Long Neck of the long neck tribes. The place that they stay is so basic. A school is just an open hall. No fan and they use wood to start fire.

We also visited the orchid and butterfly farm.

There were a few more activities i.e ox-cart riding, bamboo rafting which was quite fun too. More activities during the elephant show is also not depicted here i.e elephant cycling

One thing about doing these activities is , you got to tip the driver/guide/mahmood for each and every activity. Wish they have bundled in together with the cost....cos it can be quite annoying to keep giving tips.

We also visited the famous Sunday Market at Tae Pae Gate which was so big and long. Besides Sunday market we also visited almost every market that was nearby!!!!!!

Food is so so.............though. 

Now back to the grind...................................................................

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Just came back from my Fil's wake and funeral. We thought he was getting better after the treatment in KL. Had a fall and his health deteriorated rapidly. The bright side is fil passed away in his sleep.

It was a truly tiring and stressful 3 days. Thank God my sil had experience and know what arrangements required to be made for the burial ceremony. Hubby and bil was so tired.

I thought my stressful weeks has come to an end but this is the peak. I was and  am so exhausted. I drove back with my son after many years of being chaffeured by hubby. He was home earlier. My shoulders were all aching ......sign of 'lack of exercise'.

Our days will never be the same as we now have mil staying with us. I can only hope for the best.

My mind is so clouded, body is tired,  .....but next week we're off to Chiang mai and when we're back the real challenge starts. May I be recharged after that and not the other way round.

May the next post be a happy post. This is suppose to be a 'relax' blog but my state is entirely the opposite. Just want to get it off my chest. Gosh I don't even know what I've written.