Sunday, November 6, 2016

Instant Food

My friend has been 'influencing' in getting a multicooker because I told her I am so sick of cooking. Being a marketing background , she can really 'sell' whatever that she wants to recommend. By the way she is not selling cookwares, she's from IT background. She was telling me how easy it was to just chop, dump and press button and bravo you have a 'less oil, healthy meal'.

I was tempted nevertheless but I definitely won't look for one that is high end like 'thermomix' which might just end up as a white elephant in the end. Knowing so well , I am those that is 'hot hot chicken shit'...sorry that was how my boy described the 'hangat hangat tahi ayam'., I definitely not going to invest in any cookware that is more that RM1K.

Anyway, while I was walking aimlessly while waiting for hubby to get his haircut, I saw these.
Ready to eat 'kimchi' and 'nyonya acar'. Can't remember the price.

 Ready to eat Marinate Black Pepper Beef, Lamb and Chicken Chops. Not sure if this is about RM19.90. My memory is too warped.

Ready to eat Spaghetti Bolognise,Pasta Carbonara, Lamb Lasagna, Vege Lasagna. I think it is around RM9.9 per pack.

The packaging are so attractive and I am so tempted to get them for 'lazy days' which can prove to be quite many!

Anyone tried these, If you have please let me know? I doubt it can be really nice as I have never tasted anything instant that is nice.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Small to Big

 You know they are growing fast when :

a) They stop sharing a bowl of noodles or a plate of rice with each other.
b) They started ordering 'Big' for their food order.
c) They start digging for biscuits right after a heavy meal.
d) They are always hungry.
 Image result for i am hungry cartoon

You know they are growing fast when : 

a) The school pants you bought for them before school starts suddenly became the right size and length once school starts.
b) The sports shoes you sent for repair because it is their favourite, came back as new but they suddenly find that it is too tight and they can't fit it in anymore.
c) All their short pants looks too small and tight suddenly.

Image result for shoes too small
This is not him. For illustation only. Source :

You know they are growing fast : 

a) When they think you are outdated
b) When they think you don't understand them
c) When they like to act 'cool' ...whatever that means.
d) When they emphasizes on 'privacy' all the time.
e) When they feel having a handphone is a necessity.

You know they are growing fast :

a) When your holiday plans no longer revolves around 'swimming pools and theme parks' but 'good food' instead

You know they are growing fast :

a) When they are taller than their mom and dad!
b) When everyone starts to comment " Wah , so tall already! "

Yes, my boys are growing up really fast. I hope their brain is growing as fast too.

When they were small, I can't wait for them to grow up. Now I really missed their 'younger days of innocence'.