Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dozing Off

The weather has been so hot these days that it is causing my elder boy to fall asleep on his chair.
For a boy that hardly naps nor sleep late, this phenomena is quite unusual.

He just couldn't keep his eyes open. He will be sitting on his chair reading on one moment, and the next I will find him sleeping. This can happen over and over again after waking him up several times within that few minutes even if he had just had his bath. We first noticed when we found him sleeping upright in the car after coming back from church.

When I picked him up from school yesterday, he told me he dozed off in his class!!! Alamak, I asked whether he was caught sleeping. He said 'no' because he woke up right after the next teacher came in.

So when I relayed that to my younger boy when I picked him up later , he said " Aiyah, I dozed off so many times in class during moral lessons". Goodness gracious, the way he puts it, is like 'No big deal lah'.

Nowadays children......still I hope it is just the weather and nothing serious. If you know my elder kid, he had all kinds of uncommon issues with his health of which many he has outgrown. That is why I am paranoid, if something unusual coming from him.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Consumer Rights

Can't think of a proper title for this post.

Yesterday, I went to SOGO to get a new pair of slippers. Mine was almost broken into half!!! I frequent this place because of the Vouchers that I get from mainly Maybank points.

While I used to be able to find stuffs that I want here i.e clothings , footwear etc, nowadays I find it more difficult to get clothes. Footwear is still ok.

Anyway, I went to the counter and there was an elderly couple in front of me. They bought some clothes and shoes. After paying, she asked the cashier to remove the shoe boxes because she doesn't want them. Oooohhh....I didn't know we can do that. I have too many shoe boxes at home , will keep them till no more space, then recycle. Next time, I should just leave them behind like the lady.

My friend always say I don't know my consumer rights. She is right....almost like katak dibawah tempurung.  Sometimes when I go marketing, I find myself so amazed at the different customer demands. I didn't know one can asked the chicken seller to debone the thigh until I read it from someone's blog.

I also didn't know, when you order food for example oyster and abalone egg, you can asked to mix because I see the menu shows them separately. I know you can request for mix of noodles though.

Lots of things which I've forgotten now.  Sooo....sua ku of me! But I am open my mouth and ask.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Tuesday's Drama

Every Tuesday, my younger boy will have to stay back in school for his prefects' meeting. As a result , he has to take the LRT to come back and I will pick him from there.

My younger son is very absent minded. No amount of advice, repetitions, nagging, reminder will ever make him 'error' free. He will lose his things ranging from rackets to water tumblers. I've read about his character, it is called 'popular sanguine personality' ( The Extrovert * The Talker * The Optimist).
He is someone that never cares for small details and the way he does a 'normal' thing is often very dramatic. For example, when he comes back and changed into his usual shirt, he will removed his uniform and threw it across the room and ended up in the ceiling fan. It is just him, the last minute boy and to me totally irresponsible. So I thought when he was nominated for prefect, I told him to take up the role so that he may learn to be more responsible. In school, however he behaves well and the teacher will look at me as if something is wrong with me when I tell them he is very 'laid-back' in his work. He is also a natural joker that makes me laugh almost daily.

Back to Tuesday, I saw him coming out from the LRT Station while waiting in the car. Then I noticed he was not carrying his homework bag. He has 2 bags , one back pack and another homework bag to spread the load of his super heavy books. The moment he came into the car, I asked him about his homework bag....and he goes.."Oh Gosh....I left it on the train".

I was so aghast and quickly took him back to the station and asked the counter guy for help. At the same time praying so hard that some kind soul will return his bag. Unfortunately, he told me the train has gone back to KL. Anyway, he asked for details about the bag and made calls to the train and all the respective stations to look out for the 'bag'.

After waiting for quite awhile, he asked me to go home since no one has responded of anything found. I left my number with him and went home waiting anxiously for the phone call.

Back home, I had avalance of questions. Suddenly, he told me he wasn't sure if he left the bag in the train. I almost exploded, if not in the train , then at the station that he boarded his train? He tried so hard to remember but could not recollect where the bag is.

That night, I gave him a good scolding and told him to fix his own problem. He has to buy the books that he lost with his own money , and redo all those work in the exercise books that went missing as well.  ( By the way, he earns quite a tidy sum of money by helping his friends to solve their phone problems...for that I have to salute him!).

The next morning, he told me " Mom, I think I didn't take the bag to the LRT station because I remembered my hand was like this ( showing me his hand position). I think I left it in the prefects' meeting room. A glitter of hope.....

In the afternoon, I went to pick him up from school. After the bell rang, my legs went wobbly and my heart was pounding furiously. What was not there! I saw him from a distance and to my relief, he was holding his homework bag. Phew! Well, you would have thought he has learn his lesson but I can tell you, he will continue to give me heart attack moments.

He really has poor memory and sometimes I wonder if all the head knocks he had when growing up was responsible for his 'memory problem'. He was a very active and clumsy toddler. has gone back peaceful until the next episode!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Herbal Jelly

 The weather is so hot these days. Besides boiling crysanthemun drink which I can never do it correctly, I also tried making herbal jelly for the first time.

This packet of herbal jelly was given by a friend who got it from Nibong Tebal. Haven't checked if I can get it from the Chinese Medicine Shop here. At first I thought it would be bitter like 'Gui Ling Ko' but its not. It is slightly bitter and surprisingly my children did not protest when I asked them to try. They don't really like jelly in the first place and their willingness to take a few mouthful were encouraging. Anyway, this packet of herbal jelly has been sitting in my cupboard for several months now.  And I think I'm hooked on it.

Although the instructions are in Mandarin and I have to ask No2 to translate and still wasn't sure of the correct way, it still turn out fine. Basically, it is so easy. Pour the jelly powder to a saucepan. Put in water slowly and try to dilute it. Then heat up the mixture and stir slowly for about 5 minutes. Pour into the container, make syrup and eat it after it is cool/refrigerated.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ex-NCR Reunion

Last Friday, me and my ex-colleagues from NCR decided to meet up at Alexis, The Gardens.

I was so glad to meet up with mostly my juniors, my boss, my peers. It was kind of surprise because we did it in such a way, that I assign 2 other friends to gather a few others. Except for the 3-4 of us, the rest do not know the full attendance list. It was meant as a surprise especially to my boss or should I say my ex-boss. We called him Datuk. He is my longest serving boss and have my utmost respect. If there is anything that I want to learn from him , is his EQ.

One for the album....

All in all we have 6 ladies and 6 men. Of course one who didn't confirm and turn up much to our pleasant surprise. Two others couldn't make it due to last minute work commitment.

My own batch is not here. Hopefully one of these days, I will be able to gather them. Now all these started because not too long ago, my ex-boss ( Datuk ) invited us to his daughter's wedding. There we met many of our ex-colleagues which we have not seen for ages from different departments. The excitement was so great and the lost years seem to just melt away. That is when I decided I need to do one with my own 'gang'. Many however have left for greener pastures overseas. The rest that are still here are all doing well, married with kids. One of the ex-colleague that I met at a wedding, passed on a month later. This was totally unexpected and the few of decided its time we make an effort and meet the rest.

Those last 2 'late' attendees were made to name each and everyone of us else they can't sit down.  For me I have not seen some of them for almost 16 years. I couldn't recognise at least 2 of them. Most of the ladies have maintained well but the men has grown prosperous and balding too.
We sat around a long rectangular table and one of them suggested that rather than we just speak to the few nearby, we make it like an orientation style. We we round to each and everyone to update us on what happened after they left NCR. That was a fabulous idea. It's almost like first day at school. We had so much laughter.

The food was good but pricey. We had pizzas, pasta, salads and a surprise 'piece' of birthday cake for one of them who had just turn 43 2 days ago.

The evening passed by so fast. We certainly didn't have enough. Well, the next time we meet, it will be high tea.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mobile Bill - MMOBILE

Each month whenever I receive my mobile bill, my heart would go pounding because on and off I have charges which I have no idea where they come from.

This month, another shock.
What are these SMS Content Services ( sorry a bit blur)? In my conscious mind, I have never sent nor subscribe to anything? Why are they always doing this to us???

No : 36881 anyone? I have checked my phone sms, no sms made on 12/2/2016. If we call up celcom, they probably say don't know.

In the past, due to my boy's ignorance, we  once have a bill of RM200++ for mobile data which we did not subscribed. In fact my boy is only using wifi. We lodged a complaint but so far no updates yet.

My hubby did a google and found that the number belongs to

SMS# 36881 (Macrokiosk Berhad; Tel: 0321643273)

Someone complained and got the following response :

Do be informed that it is an External service Content provider-MACRO SMS  and service is rendered to user when request is either made via wap or sms from user;s end. Charges are valid and we had escalate your request to the service provider for cancellation of service.

Gosh...I hate this!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Exam Week

Both my boys are having exam this week. In fact, the older one started since last Wednesday.

Once I used to get so stressed up and paranoid over their exams...but after multiple practises of going through exams...I am more cool now? Why? Firstly, it was too difficult to always stays on the top. Secondly, I left all the revisions to them and either you be one of the top or don't fail ( don't be one of the bottom lah) and that is pretty achievable..the don't fail and don't be one of the bottom part!

While the older one is a little stressed up that he can't finished his syllabus and that there are still areas he doesn't understand ( he's in Form Four Science stream ) , the younger one is so relaxed as if there is nothing to study!!!! The older boy know how to set his own goals and what he wants to achieve...the younger one is always telling me studying is so boring and half of the time you don't even use what you have studied in school. True..but too bad..schooling is what he has to go through in life and no excuses.

When the younger one was in primary school, he will take part in whatever competition there is just to escape going to class!!!! That part I don't mind, because I believe that is also very important especially areas like story telling, chess and badminton competition.

So you can imagine the scenario at home, one I will always asked to take a break and if he doesn't understand skip first and hope it won't come up in exam. The one I will be screaming go do your revision.....NOW, Don't touch my handphone etc etc!!!!!!

Although I am a SAHM, I just don't sit down with my kids for their studies like some good moms do.  I did that till they were in Std 3 ( then chinese became too hard, I gave up).  If the results were far from satisfactory , I always asked them to go thru their papers and see why they didn't do well. Is it because , they did not study enough? or they were careless? or don't bother to understand what they have studied?  I take the easy way out. That is why I think I should really have gone back to workforce earlier. And I always give them the option for a tutor if they really need one.

Sometimes I feel so guilty reading on how some moms help their kids with their studies but me 'bo chak' simply because I am darn lazy. I don't even send them for any enrichment classes because they didn't ask? Only badminton for the younger one and Art for the elder one and have since stopped last year. I want them to be streetwise, and I believe this trait is simply inborn because the younger one is definitely streetwise but not the older one.

The only good thing is they have warm meals and clean house to come home to? They have me to share their disatisfaction at school ...but when it comes to days of studies are over. Anyway, they seldom asked me also...I've returned everything to the teacher.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Live A Balance Life

I really like this speech by Mr Ratan Tata. Now who is Mr Ratan Tata? Well I just got to know....Ratan Naval Tata  (born 28 December 1937) is an Indian businessman, investor, philanthropist and chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons.

Therefore I am putting it here for easy reference and reminder whenever I get overly stressed up and forgot to live!!!