Saturday, January 30, 2016

Energy, Eyesight, Pain

A friend of mine who took Izumio and Super Lutein for general well-being is so thrilled to discover improvements in her health in the following areas :

She's one of those lucky ones to see improvements in a short time at low dosage. She was taking it more for prevention of cancer especially after discovering she had polyps earlier.
And after many trips to chiro doesn't seem to alleviate her shoulder pain, she decided to just manage her condition with pain killers and cream.  But now the pain is gone with just consuming the 2 products!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lucky In An Unlucky Situation

That was what my friend commented when I told her this story. It happened last year. I always wanted to jot it down because this person is so remarkable, she made a deep impression on me.

That day, I went for my boy's PTM - Parent's Teacher's Meeting. After finishing , we rode home. It was less than 3 km drive. As I was another 1 km to my house, suddenly the car in front is 'stationary'. Gosh...I try as hard as possible to brake like orang gila. I braked till there is no room to press but 'BOOM', I hit the bumper of the nicely maintained Honda City.

This is the first time in my 20 years of driving that I hit someone's back. I felt so bad. Just a few weeks ago, I sent my car brake for repair. ...please don't buy. Very nice design...after 7 years, things will start breaking down.

Her poor bumper kemek and the boot cannot closed. When she opened her boot, there were 2 neatly arranged boxes there. So clean somemore.

I apologise profusely. I know money to repair is one thing, but the inconvenience of sending it to repair is another. If my brake has been 'working as it should be', I would have "braked" in time.

I came out of the car, all prepared to be scolded. So frightened and guilty! But this lady, she is like an angel. She looked at her car, checked the damages, listen to my stupid brake story , kept calm throughout without raising her voice at all! I told her I will transfer the money to pay for the damages, so she said she will call her 'foremen' . They spoke a while and she said, the damages would cost RM700. She just mentioned that she would need time to send her car for repair. Told her to give me her account and I transfered the money first thing when I reached home.

What kind of human is that? That can keep her cool  and calm in a stressful situation. I want to learn but I know I cannot. I would go balistic thinking of all the 'trouble' I need to go through.

So...that's why my friend said ' Lucky in a unlucky situation'.

Shortly after that , I sold off my car!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Many Kinds Of People

We all know there are many kinds of people but not many of us have met the "varieties" that is in the marketplace.

Last week I went to my weekly Pasar Malam to order some noodles. I am a lazy bum. I used to order 'mee kosong' from there, then come home and add all the 'liao' and in a short time produce a reasonable tasty noodle with little effort.

So while waiting for the 'auntie' to serve me, there was another customer ( male ) , ordering a packet of  'lor mai fun'. The auntie then scooped some sambal, close the polystyrene and said " sei kao " ( RM 4). The customer then repeated in an shocked tone
" hah! sei kao", and walked off.

This auntie then complained to another auntie also manning the stall. The other auntie said, " haven't met other worst customers. There was once a customer who order 'mixed rice'. After selecting all the dishes and told of the amount, the customer left!"

Wah, liddat also can!

Many years ago, when I still have my maid, I opened a blogshop making jewelry for fun.
I get one customer asking me whether I have a particular chain? I showed her and she said 'Great'. Now do you have this other smaller chain? I showed her the sample again, and she 'great'. Then she asked if I can twirl the small chain over the bigger one. I did that and showed her again. She said " That's it". This was over several emails. Then finally she said " Sorry, my friend changed her mind!". Gosh....yes we do get all kinds of people out there.

Have you also met people who do things by halves? I know of one that will cut her nails on one hand first, and the other hand, another day. She is also someone who will wash her car one side first and  the other another day! So funny.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Many Kinds Of MIL

Recently I started exchanging notes with friends as we have all come to the age where our in-laws moved in with us. Some needs encouragement, others feel blessed and some in despair.

So, there's quite  few kinds of mother-in-law that I've discovered.

The Nosy mother-in-law. Let this image speaks for itself. The ones that forgets how you manage to run your household after all these years without her. The one that gives unsolicited and unwanted advice on how to run your home.

The Lazy mother-in-law. She retires from doing anywork. She live to eat, sleep and watch tv and hopes to live beyond 90s.....

The Evil mother-in-law that sets to ruin your marriage because of her own insecurity. She clings to her son and tell lies about her dil. She create rifts and cause the son and dil to have misunderstanding.

The IDEAL mother-in-law. The ones that makes herself useful by helping to cook, takes cares of her grandchildren and keep herself healthy. The one that is welcomed in any home and is always pre-booked by all her children.

The Smart mother-in-law. Haha...just for fun.

The BEST mother-in-law

And finally to future mother-in-laws


So which mil is yours? Mine? One of the above.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Izumio and Allergies

My older boy used to be chemical sensitive.  After 7 months of naturalpathy and burning a hole in my pocket, he seems to have overcome that. The problem is we do not know what he was allergic to and every food, substance, liquid, particles became a suspect. It was also when I started to cook healthy...msg free, no colouring, no preservatives. Now that he has overcame this problem, I am back to not so healthy cooking.

But today I hear and see of kids overcoming their allergies with Izumio Hydrogen water. That is really great. Unless you have a kid with allergies you would not understand how 'troublesome and daunting' it can be with eating and living even! The 7 months was literally 'hell' for us with my boy having all kinds of tic disorder.

So for all those who has kids due to some kind of allergy and no remedy in sight, do consider taking Izumio Hydrogen Water. This is just a few testimonial with many more not stated here. Even if you know of someone else's child struggling with allergies, do tell them about Izumio Hydrogen water. Izumio Hydrogen Water is anti-oxidant, anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory.

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