Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two Times Lucky

Ahhh....I have been procastinating again. Can never blog during holidays, too much distraction, too lazy to upload pictures, too much to write and don't know where to start.

Before that , "Happy New Year, Everyone"...though it's almost a week late!

Really need to Thank God for his mercies...even when it was negligence on my part.

Incident 1 :
This happen sometime in December. I dropped by 'wallet' which contains my IC, Touch n Go, driving licence ,gate access card plus some less than RM100 cash somewhere at my condo. Most likely I dropped it at the open parking. 

The last time I had the wallet is after coming back from the morning market. Then I went about doing my chores and everything else.

About 4 pm ish , my hubby called and asked if I had lost my wallet. I was shocked. I said 'No'. Then he said the management office called him and told him that a resident returned a wallet bearing my details to the office. It then strucked me that I have not seen my wallet which I used to put on the computer table that day.

I quickly went to the management office and claimed my 'property'. Everything was intact. I asked for the person who returned the wallet but the officer can't tell, just said 'a resident'. Too bad, I really wished to personally thanked the person for his/her honestly.

I guess the best part is the fact that I had no knowledge I lost it till someone tells me. Else I would be so 'stressed up' the whole day, not knowing what to do, feeling anxious and paralysed!  Should report police or not...etc. By the way, this is the first time I have 'lost' my wallet since I was born and hopefully the last too.

Incident 2 :
Because I was on holiday mood , I hardly logged into my facebook or mail. 
On the 4th of January, I received this message :


During a recent review, we noticed you have positive balance in your PayPal account and haven't performed a transaction for 7 years or more. This means your funds may be subject to Malaysia Unclaimed Moneys laws.

What's going on?
According to Malaysia Unclaimed Moneys laws, funds in your Paypal account which has not had any transactions for 7 years or more may be considered unclaimed money. If you do not perform a transaction on your Paypal account by 3/1/2017, we will lodge the funds in your account with the Jabatan Akauntan negara malaysia (JANM). 

Oh no! I know how troublesome it is to get the money back from JANM. My friend tried and gave up after all the requirements she had to go thru.

They asked me to perform a transaction on my account by the 3rd Jan, and it is already 4th Jan, when I knew about it. 

I quickly logged into my paypal, and was so relieved to see that the money is still there...not much about RM184 after conversion.....still it can get me a great meal okay. 

I did a transfer to my MBB and the txn was pending and not knowing if they will be cancelled after some investigation. 

Today, I found the amount credited to my account....yahooo........SAHM no money wan, so little bit also happy okay! I can go back to my chores!  


  1. Haha great start to 2017. Happy new year!

  2. Really happy new year indeed. Good things comes in 3. Waiting for the 3rd lucky

  3. Happy 2017 to you and your family! whew! what a relief that the honest resident returned your wallet with everything intact. Wah, you have paypal for 7 years d. Good that you manage to transfer out the money. RM180ish is still good money.

    1. Thanks mun. In a blink of an eye, 7 years have passed. Good thing the exchange rate is quite good.