Thursday, January 12, 2017

Langkawi Dec 9- Dec 12

It was a very last minute decision to go Langkawi , so glad we did. I took the AirAsia package with hotel that cost us abt RM2600 ( tickets for 4 + hotel).

Of course with this cheap package, one can't expect much out of the hotel ...right? We put up with 4 days 3 nights at Cactus Inn. Each time when someone asked..where we stayed, I think their jaw dropped when they heard the name and some goes " What is that?".

I read the review though it is classified as 2 stars, it is definitely not. For 4 of us, we were given a small apartment like with 2 rooms, 2 baths and a living room. Very clean, well equiped and practical. When kids were small, we go for good hotels, but now that they are big, the facilites at the hotels are no longer important....after all we have swimming pools right downstairs of our condo. And with 2 teenage boys, we always have to book family rooms (read more expensive).
The boys loved the place, the two of them shared a room with a pullout bed.

When we first arrived, my boy was a little shocked. Looked like some 'pengemis' area he said. Actually, looks a bit like public toilet. ha!ha! But inside is very nice lah. Can google for their interior.
We rented this tiny  Kia Picanto for RM240 for the entire 4 days trip. It is so nice to drive in Langkawi, very few cars and definitely no 'jam'.

So the very next day, off we went to Langkawi Cable Car or Skycab.  It was a very nice and windy ride.  The view is definitely a lot better compared to Genting. We went early but not that early either, thank goodness the queue was bearable.
(photo taken from internet).

Both me and my older boy adjourned to skybridge after that.  Actually, it was my older kid that wanted to go, the rest of us wanted to go for the next event. You can actually take the glider to the skybridge but I was too 'kedekut' to pay RM15 for the we took the stairs.
The glider....looks very fun actually.
The view was very nice from the skybridge. On the way back, it was pretty steep to climb the stairs , I almost pengsan!!! I just realised how unfit I was. I was almost breathless, my legs were wobbly and my head was spinning. Luckily, managed to come back in one piece!

Apart from Skycab, we were also ushered into Skydome. The tickets that we purchased is actually a package consisting of skycab, skydome and skyrex. Actually, I asked for the 6D cinema as well, don't know how in the middle of the transaction, my hubby ended up with the package without the 6D. So gerammmmm......

Skydome offers a 360 degrees panoramic view to its audiences and offers 3D image projections covering the wide perspective while watching animation films. When we were there, we are supposed to be on a rollercoaster. It was so fun especially for those who are scared of sitting on real rollercoasters, this is a good alternative.

Another interesting activity that we visited was Skyrex.  We were seated on a tram styled simulator and took on a 5 minutes fun filled journey that assaults that senses-physical platform drops, dynamic motion, blasts of air, water spray, vibrations, dramatic lighting, surround sound and 3D film projected to the front and both sides of the tram, combines to give the most realistic experience possible.

Skyrex. 5 minutes is just too short. If you visit Langkawi , then this place is a 'MUST' to visit.

The other less interesting place we visited were
Dataran Lang...the magnificent Eagle that someone wanted to abolish!!!!

Makam Mahsuri and some of the exhibits. Only my eldest went in as the rest of us were not interested...especially must pay somemore!

Beras Terbakar...sorry I forgot the actual story. We went looking for this place expecting a big field of burnt padi only to find this small spot.

We also visited the famous Nasi Dagang Pak Malau. So many people , we have to wait for our seats.

 The padi was so green and nice the Pak Malau's eatery.

We also visited their pasar malam ...their ayam percik is so delicious.

And finally, the Cenang beach.
The sand is so white and the beach is clean.

We should have stayed a day longer as we did not have time to visit the Klimforest or do island hopping.

And when we came back, my poor plant(birthday gift by my boy) did not survived. I was supposed to pump more water before I leave but I forgot!  Have to get the 'vendor' to 'replant' for me but they are too busy with new year's orders.


  1. Photo 1 does not look like a 'pengemis' area to me. It looks quite clean from what I can see from the photo. 'pengemis' area is usually quite dirty with thrash strewn all over.

    Sounds like a fun family trip. I would go for the skybridge.

    Happy 2017 to you and your family!

    1. Ha!ha!ha...we were a little shock when we arrived because there was no proper reception except for one small counter with a very run-down sofa. What greeted us first is their restaurant..which serves quite nice food though.

  2. I haven't been to Langkawi in years. Looks like it's getting more and more commercialised, but ok la everyone's gotta earn revenue.

    'Pengemis' area... haha.

    1. If you do go...make sure you visit the cable car area. You and your kids would surely enjoy it.

    2. One fine day lah. Langkawi is a bit far.