Monday, July 6, 2015

Moving on

It has been ages since I last blog ( former blog :  Our Magictree which was made private few years ago) 4 years ago? My 2 boys are all in Secondary School now.  We survived Chinese School....for banana parents who closed an eye most of the time.

I have retired from jewellery making ( Chains Of Joy) and what a shame because I really do enjoy making them. But time does not permit.

I have since joined some groups...i.e Parents of Primary and Secondary school. Wow...if I have joined this group when my kids were in primary school they might have performed better. I am so amazed at all the wonderful parents that put in so much effort for their children. My 2 boys... I left them on their own...with warning of course

1. Make sure you do your homework. Dont' know? Ask!  Need Help? Ask!
2. Make sure I don't get calls from school because of bad behaviour, or didn't do your work
3. If exam results are below expectation, please relook at your study strategy!!!!

That's my easy parenting. I really can't sit down and patiently teach my children like some of this great parents can!. I might just 'cekik' them!

I would have been under tremendous pressure to do more for them especially in their studies.

At least, the expectation is set, now that they are in Secondary school, they know they are the one driving their results. Can't expect their mom to teach them. Bad mom ya!
Eeerrr...this would make them independent. Maybe independent yes...but smart no!!!.

While the elder one didn't have good memories of his primary school experience, the 2nd one sure does make good of his time there. brain is a little rusty after leaving dormant for several years. Where did the time go?  Cooking, Cleaning, Chaffeuring, Washing, Nagging....enough to me keep going.

With this era...yeah secondary school can be quite different...I need to make conscious effort to be in  'RELAX' mode hence the title of this blog. I so need that! I need to blog in a relax way too.

It has such a loooong time...I need to figure out how to put the links, make the header..bear with my botak blog for a while ya!

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